Election Night Open Mic at 7pm at Blue Bayou – Comedy and Close-Captioned TV’s!

Join The Standdown Team for the Showcase and Open Mic at The Blue Bayou  Tuesdays at 7pm! You can reserve a 6-minute open mic slot by emailing thorpedoproductions@gmail.com up to 24 hours before the show or walk in and grab a slot as early as 6:45pm .

     The Southport Stand-down at The Blue Bayou    

Food and Beer Specials

 Tuesday – $10 Cajun Rib Dinner!
$3 Domestic Drafts
$5 Wine Glasses
1/2 Appetizers 5pm to 7pm

Set List

Hosted by Andrew Thorp and Anthony Bonazzo

Host – Andrew Thorp

Eric Wood

Dan Friesen

Nate Burrows


(FB Slot)

Amy Nico Schwartz

Kevin Pomeroy

Jacob Williams


(FB Slot)

Lisa Lennington

Lisa Marie Farver


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Walk-in slots until 8:45pm

The Stand-down on March 4th, 2012

The Standdown this Sunday at 9pm at Northdown Cafe!

Open Mic sign-up starts at 8:45. 5-6 minute slots. Showcase Comedians get 10 minutes.

$3 Schlitz Tall Boys, $2 off bombers, and appetizer specials


Andrew Thorp, Jeff Gandy, Nancy Fast and Matt Gararad

Set List


(Open Mic Slot) – David Greenberg

(Open Mic Slot) – Glenn Earich

Bradley Balof (9:20pm)

( Open Mic Slot) – Poochie Chiles

Ted Tremper (9:40pm)

(Open Mic Slot) – Eric Cantz

Brett Moschel (10pm)

(Open Mic Slot) – Nick Johne

 Jacob Williams (10:20pm)

(Open mic until 11:45)