The Stand-Down (Jan 8th Set List)

Join us for the The Open Mic 8pm-11pm on Thursdays at The Claddagh Ring Pub! You can reserve a 5-minute open mic slot by filling out this form up to 2 hours before the show or walk in and grab a 5-minute slot as early as 8pm. If you miss your slot, you’ll be added to the end of the list when you arrive. Check in with the host!

1.8.20 Set List – 9pm-11pm

Hosted By: Andrew Thorp

(Walk-in – 5 minutes)

Akshay Sampath

Cody Henry

Ryan Croft

(Walk-in – 5 minutes)

Joe Hirt

Lexi Purvis

Adam Ramses

(Walk-in – 5 minutes)

Logan Rutherford

Matt Romot

Grace Snider (8 Minutes)

(Walk-in – 5 minutes)

Nick Johnson

(Walk-in slots available until 11pm)


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