The 7pm Southport Stand-down Is On Tonight – June 11th at The Blue Bayou (Southport/Grace)

Join The Standdown Team for the Showcase and Open Mic at The Blue Bayou  Tuesdays at 7pm! You can reserve a 6-minute open mic slot by emailing up to 24 hours before the show or walk in and grab a slot as early as 6:45pm .

     The Southport Stand-down at The Blue Bayou    

Set List

Hosted by Seth Davis and Kaitlin Grissom


Conor Delehanty

Josh Johnson

Blake Burkhart

Danny Ennion

Julia DiFerdinando


Nick DL

Dave Metz

Anthony Bonazzo

Stefan DiPippo


Dave Metz

Patrick Reilly

Michael Osborne

Kate Streit


Alex Stone

Zach Pinsky

Kevin Lobkovich

(Walk-in slots available until 9pm)

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