The Southport Stand-down Set List – January 15 at 7pm

Join The Standdown Team for the Showcase and Open Mic at The Blue Bayou  Tuesdays at 7pm! You can reserve a 6-minute open mic slot by emailing up to 24 hours before the show or walk in and grab a slot as early as 6:45pm .

     The Southport Stand-down at The Blue Bayou    

 Beer Specials

$3 PBR Bottle

Set List

Hosted by Seth Davis and Ian Abramson

Bob Keen

David Greenberg

Monique Madrid


Steve Comeduly

Corey Rittmaster

Rob Speer


Jacob Williams

Zach Pinsky


Chris Damen

Mickey Carmine

Davey Boy Helam


Bobby Hill

Reena Calm

Colleen Farrel

(Walk-in slots available until 9pm)

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