The Stand-Down Tonight! (sign-ups start at 8:45pm)

The Standdown this Sunday at 9pm at Northdown Cafe!

Open Mic sign-up starts at 8:45. 6 minute slots. Showcase Comedians get 10 minutes.

$3 Schlitz Tall Boys, $2 off bombers, and varied appetizer specials


 Nancy Fast and Andrew Thorp

Set List


(Open Mic Slot)

(Open Mic Slot) –  Nick Johne

Ross Blankenship (9:20pm)

( Open Mic Slot) – Ted Tremper

(Open Mic Slot) –

Jay Harris (9:40pm)

(Open Mic Slot) – Dan Hall

(Open Mic Slot) – Ryan Walker

<p style="text-align:cen

ter;”>(Open Mic) – Nathaneal Gray

  Mike Maxwell (10pm)

(Open mic until 11:45)

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