Stand-Down Showcase and Open Mic (Email for a 6 minute slot)

The Standdown this Sunday at 9pm at Northdown Cafe!

$3 Schlitz Tall Boys, $2 off bombers, appetizer specials, and some of the funniest comedians in Chicago!


Andrew Thorp, Nancy Fast & Matt Gararad

Set List

Dan Friesen (9pm)

(Open Mic slot)

Mike Maxwell (9:20pm)

( Open Mic Slot)

Eric Oren (9:40pm)

Suzy Krueckberg (9:50pm)

Chris Redd (10pm)

(Open Mic Slot)

Lisa Laureta (10:20pm)

(Open Mic Slot)

Matt Brusso ( 10:40pm)

(Open mic until 11:45)

*Open mic comedians can email until Saturday at Noon to get a 6-minute slot (which will be posted here Saturdays at 5pm) or sign-up the night of as early as 8:45pm. There will be 5-minute spots available for night-of sign-ups too.

Check out Northdown Cafe Here:

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