The Stand-Down Is back – This Sunday at Northdown Cafe @ 9pm

The Standdown will be happening at Northdown Cafe this Sunday at 9pm! We have four hilarious showcase comedians and still open slots for the open mic*. Join us for great food and funny!


1. Matt Garard (Showcase)

O   Joe Larkin

O   (Open Slot)

2. Bryan Bowden (Showcase)

O   Shugga Rosenbloom

O Open Slot

3. Katie Hughes  (Showcase)

O   Seth Davis

4. Sherman Edwards (Showcase)

O Mike Cooley

O Open Slots until Midnight!

*Open mic comedians can email up until Saturday at Noon to get a slot (which will be posted here Saturdays at 5pm) or sign-up the night of as early as 8:45pm. There will be spots available for night-of sign-ups too.

Check out Northdown Cafe Here:

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